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  1. Ahhh, smell the newness

    So about a week ago I switched hosting providers for this and 17 other personal low-traffic sites. In the process I took the chance to get familiar with Nginx, MariaDB, AWS EC2 Instances & EBS Volumes, and Capistrano. It was a great exercise, and surprisingly it worked on the first go! (at least for the…

  2. Missing .svn directories →

    So I think I’m a bit late to the party, but if you’re not seeing .svn folders inside of your subversion directories’ subfolders, this is likely the reason. Good. to. know. Side note: If you’re actually still using SVN, why aren’t you using Git?

  3. Got my Chromecast today (well it looks like it was delivered on the 1st, but we haven’t walked to the mailbox since then).  I have to say the setup was really easy, and once I understood that I had to turn off the Chrome extension from “Casting” — though I think it should be “Castin'” — in order to play YouTube and Netflix videos full screen and with audio, it’s been quite the pleasure!

    Check it out here

    Side Note: If you’ve currently got Netflix, it’s really hard not to pick one of these up.  You get 3 months of Netflix free, even if you’re an existing subscriber, so the net you’ll spend is ~$11 (plus a few bucks shipping).  Quite the deal!

    There’s a strong chance we’ll pick up a 2nd for our other TV soon enough :)