Bear, Borne, Carry, Labor, Deliver

Carries us safely home, when safety is far beyond our reach.

Behold Thy Mother

In mortality, no other love comes close to the saviors – but that of a devoted mother **

It’s not just that they carry us – they carry with us.

(letter from a young mother) ***

Maternal love has to be divine.

Stories of mothers w/in just the past few weeks:

  1. Friend was dying, who had fallen away from the church.  However painful it will be to stand before God, I cannot bear standing before my mother.  “I have broken her heart” he said
  2. Missionary who went out worthy, but had same-gender attraction and he was at a crisis of faith.  After years of struggling, she bore her testimony.  Repeatedly he tells his mother of how his heart was breaking.  After years, he came back – his sexual orientation did not change, but his heart did.  He served as a seminary teacher for 5 years, and now has returned to the mission field.
  3. Adult child with severe disability – her mom helped her wave a white handkerchief at the rededication of the, and shouts only discernable to herself and the angels of heaven.

Mothers – be peaceful, believe in God and Yourself, you’re doing better than you think you are, in fact you are saviors on mt zion, and your love never faileth.