Look the other way, or help?

I wonder, if someone was going to rape your neighbor and kill her children as she watched, and there was nothing you could do to stop them. Would you at least help her afterwards? I hope I would.

This whole event that Ann’s putting on tomorrow has changed my life. It’s made me realize that (as elementary as it sounds) people are people, not news stories or “numbers”. This, and much worse happens dozens of times a day for people in the Congo. I’ve realized that I can’t just say “wow, that’s terrible” and then flip the tab in my browser over to Netflix; doing that is effectively turning your head, or passing “…by on the other side”. Sure you’ve realized that it’s a bad thing, but you have done nothing.

I’m tired of doing nothing, and I hope this sparks the same feeling in your heart and mind. Don’t push it away, come join with others who have had the same realization, or take 3 minutes to donate. It’s 1 to maybe 1.5 hours. Ann and I aren’t benefiting financially from this event, we’re doing this because we want you to know there is something you can do to help. You may not be able to stop what happens, but you can help heal after.

Help your neighbor that just happens to live in another country.