Yoga for Congo Women

Many of you know myself and my wife, otherwise you probably have no idea how you got here. :)  Over the past year and a half, our family’s life has changed dramatically.   We began to see people as people instead of statistics.   We began to care, and to find ways to help an individual, a real person with their own hopes and dreams.  By doing this our family has become closer and stronger, and our lives changed for the better.

It started back in 2009 when Ann learned of an incredible organization called Women for Women International.   She discovered that she could help someone who was hurting … her sister who just happened to live halfway around the world.

She ran in Denver’s Run for Congo Women, and was the top fundraiser for 2009!  She was so inspired by that, that she continued looking for ways to help.  She made plans to run in the 2010 Run for Congo Women; but when she saw the date it was on, she knew she wouldn’t be able to make it.  She was heartbroken.

A few weeks later we decided that we could put on our own event this year, and that hopefully we could raise enough money to sponsor a couple women.  This is where the Idea for Yoga for Congo Women was born; out of necessity.

Ann’s spent the past 6 months planning and preparing for this event.  She’s got 7 company sponsors, and has sent out over 40 personal letters to the various yoga studios and recreation centers around Denver.  She has sent press releases to every news station in Denver, and posted in every available forum for events in the Denver area.  The response has been mixed; from people who were disgusted at the thought of having a flyer for “that type of event” to others who saw the purpose and opportunity to truly help someone who was, and is, suffering.

Yoga for Congo Women is just 10 days away now.  The proceeds of the event all go to Women for Women International.  Our family is into this event several hundred dollars; I tell you that so that you can know how much this means to us.

Please, we’d love to have you register or simply donate to this event.  If you come, it will change your life.