….missed beginning walking charlie…..

Be peacemaker

Be temple worthy in good and bad times

morals are under attack

unfortunately i see little evidence of people being happier for following the secular ways of the world.  thinning family trees.

Rewards for righteousness are far away (seems), but rewards for sin are right immediate.  This isn’t right, the rewards are immediate *and* far away.

  1. Righteous self-control and conduct
  2. Honoring the Sabbath will protect the family (not a quote, needs revision)
  3. Divine protections are provided when we are righteous.

Conduct and appearance portray a message

Jewish Sabat – joined in Abrams sabbath service – read from the old testament.  sang their sacred songs.

Honoring the sabbath will help separate us from the World.  make the sabbath a delight.

HOly ghost serves as a a cleansing agent.  Help us avoid temptations and dangers.