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  1. Yoga for Congo Women – Denver 2012

    Ann just got finished writing her annual email to friends about this year’s Yoga for Congo Women event. I wanted to post it on my blog, so that it’s in a more sharable format. Without further ado, here it is.

  2. Intel: “Conflict Free” Goals for 2012 & 2013

    So there’s great news on the “Conflict Minerals” front! Intel has the following goals (a quote from their SEC filing report): Intel’s goal for 2012 is to verify that the tantalum we use in our microprocessors is conflict-free, and our goal for 2013 is to manufacture the world’s first verified, conflict-free microprocessor. Here’s some more…

  3. Yoga for Congo Women

    Many of you know myself and my wife, otherwise you probably have no idea how you got here. :)  Over the past year and a half, our family’s life has changed dramatically.   We began to see people as people instead of statistics.   We began to care, and to find ways to help an individual, a…