Status Archives

  1. Just used AWS CLI for the first time today. Installed, configured, utilized and rejoiced exceedingly – all in just a few minutes. Well done AWS — of which little can be said about.

  2. Overheard one of our daughters (Child C):

    Mo-omm, {Child A} told Siri I’m a nuthead!

    Didn’t have to worry about that #wheniwasakid

  3. Why wait for Fat Tuesday; I need a Pączki now :) They’re one of the few things that I miss from Ohio. I may need to try one of the recipes online, though I doubt they’ll be nearly as good as the real deal.

  4. With the professional guidance of my beautiful Wife, I just prepped my first turkey for tomorrow! Going to let the dry rub — house recipe mind you — soak in overnight then deep-fry tomorrow! Yes I know the dangers, and yes I’ve talked to friends who’ve done these for many years, and yes I’ve seen the YouTube videos, yes and yes ad nauseam ;)

  5. Had the chance last night to deal with a bat around the well’s pump house. Luckily I think he was attempting to hibernate, so he wasn’t too flighty until he woke up — which was nice and slow. #gavemeplentyoftimetorunandscreamlikeagirl #problemsyoudonthaveinthecity #jimmykimmelhashtagisawesome