Status Archives

  1. My new Macbook Air just arrived for Bigdawggi Co!  Any suggestions on good neoprene sleeves for the Air?

  2. I’m definitely getting sucked into storing more and more in Dropbox.  I got a free (something like) 23GB for two years when I installed it on my phone (HTC EVO 4G).  Just worried now that I won’t be able to go back down after my “free hit” is over ;)

  3. If Google wanted to drop a smart-bomb on me using my location from Latitude, they’d miss me by about 15 feet. suckers.#keepyourfriendsclose…

  4. I think it’s funny that the approx. once per month that I need a pen at work, I can never find it.  Not sure what happens to it in the meantime. :)