Big brother in my life and my ear

I just heard, on Colorado Public Radio, a state congresswoman signing onto this idea that we should be able to use our cell phones in our cars, unless we have a hands-free device.  I know that this has been a controversial issue for many years now across the country, but as far as I know, the states that I’ve lived in haven’t had this type of law in place — thankfully.

As I was listening to this lady speak, I can tell she has good intentions, but I say “get out of my life!”  I have had enough of government thinking, believing, and telling us that they know best; that if they just pass another law life will be better!  This is some sort of crazed addiction — and the worst part is, thousands upon thousands of normal people (for the most part) are eating this rhetoric right up!….but I’m digressing from the main topic of this post….so I return…

This lady cited 2 examples, one of an accident in California and one over Thanksgiving weekend here in CO.  She spoke of how it was endangering other drivers as well as the person on the phone, and how this was needs to be stopped.  I agree that there are those people out there, and on occasion myself, who have been overly distracted by a phone conversation while driving, and yes that is dangerous.  But we, as responsible citizens and human beings, need to be excercising some self control somewhere along the line.  We don’t need another law on the books, and all the litigation that will ensue, to tell us that if we are getting too distracted by some phone conversation, that we should find some way to not be; whether that be pulling over, stopping the conversation, stopping listening to the conversation (sometimes a great choice), or whatever other way that you deem appropriate.

We don’t need some new law dictated to us to stop the rare occasion, we just need to continue living our lives and trying really hard to use the grey-matter inside our heads to make decent decisions.

“Government, take a step back…away from my life and my ear”