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  1. Stoeger Cougar

    Here’s the gun we just purchased! We decided it was time to purchase a handgun before we actually may need it, or this Congress and Administration makes unconstitutional laws regarding them. It really is time to act now.

  2. Public information article

    A coworker and friend of mine, Gordon Brander, sent me the link to a really good article today. It’s quite an interesting read, and makes a lot of good points; please take a minute or two and look over it. I haven’t fully made a personal decision about it, but I do think this exposes…

  3. Big brother in my life and my ear

    I just heard, on Colorado Public Radio, a state congresswoman signing onto this idea that we should be able to use our cell phones in our cars, unless we have a hands-free device.  I know that this has been a controversial issue for many years now across the country, but as far as I know,…