Be ye perfect, even as your father which is in heaven is perfect.

We need to ask ourselves difficult questions – like “what do i need to change?”  We must be willing to act when we receive an answer.

What lack I yet?

  • Story of the mother who asked = and was told “stop complaining”.
  • young man – asked and was told “clean up your language”
  • young women – stop interrupting people when they’re speaking
  • young missionary – needed to keep the sabbath day holy (stop studying, working on the sabbath).

The holy ghost gives us custom advice.  Not everything at once, but one at a time.  Line upon line.

The atoning sacrifice of our saviour is what makes santification possible.  The atonement is for sinners, but also saints – worthy young men and women who are worthy.

Sometimes we need to ask what we’re doing right – so that we can receive encouragement.

It’s our duty to be better today than yesterday, and tomorrow than today.

HOMEWORK: Ask tonight what I can improve.  May be to be more honest in business dealings, or pay a greater fast offering, or go to the Temple more.


Francisco Viñas