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  1. Things that Matter the Most

    Definitely something I’m trying to do. I know our whole life has changed since we began focusing on the smaller moments in life, and trying to give our children moments that matter the most. God’s definitely blessed our family.

  2. Exciting Birthday

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, it was quite the eventful day!   We got stuck in snow on the way to church, chauffeured to church by one of the few other people who have a car big enough for our family due to that and the fact that our family was speaking for the…

  3. Hackschooling – We Call It Unschooling

    This kid touches on so many of the reasons we aren’t educating our children in the standard format. Ann and I are working to provide these types of opportunities for our daughters. If you’re curious, here’s a place where we keep some of our thoughts about Unschooling:

  4. Make Your Own Path

    It was nice to come across the image below (thanks Nathan Webster). Ann and I have led a life going against the grain of most the world’s common sense. We homeschool so our children can have a rich, exciting, and full day where they explore and learn everything they want to about the world around…