Exciting Birthday

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, it was quite the eventful day!


We got stuck in snow on the way to church, chauffeured to church by one of the few other people who have a car big enough for our family due to that and the fact that our family was speaking for the entire Sacrament meeting (everyone but Emma gave a talk), then I taught the following hour’s Gospel Doctrine class.  My shoes were in one of the cars that helped us, so I wore my knee-high snow boots into Church — a new experience for sure.  I went ahead and took them off, and just gave my talk and my lesson in my socks ;)

With the kindness of some great people in the ward who happened to have a backhoe, we got our car back up onto the road (noting to ask for a backhoe for my next birthday).

I’m just grateful that we were all safe, only a bit inconvenienced for the day.  Island Park Ward is the best!  

On a less-snowy note, Ann got me a straight razor and associated paraphernalia for my birthday!  It’s been something I’ve wanted to try out for a long time.  First go around I only sliced myself once, and I really think I need to sharpen the blade some more ;)

Thanks again for everyone saying Happy Birthday, and here’s to a great start to my next year!