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  1. How To: Diff directories recursively

    Needed to diff two directories, that happened to be using two different versioning systems — Mercurial, and Subversion (SVN).  Took a couple minutes to get it, so thought I’d add it for tips in the future. diff -r –exclude=.hg –exclude=.svn www www2

  2. Recursively removing .svn folders

    Here’s a bit of code that I always need to look up :) It finds any subversion (.svn) folders in the current directory tree and deletes them.  I guess this is one benefit to using Mercurial or Git, as they only have one hidden directory at the top level.  There’s no turning back from this…

  3. IPTables Adding and Removing Rules

    I recently had to modify some rules for IPTables on CentOS 5.5. It’s a great firewall and very powerful, but man can it be a pain in the rear. Here’s some notes to myself that someone may find useful someday :) /sbin/iptables -D RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -p tcp -m state –state NEW -m tcp –dport 2083 -j…