WordPress is a big deal

I spend 99% of my day-job working on WordPress and customizing it for various clients of Crowd Favorite. Many people I come in contact with don’t “do web” for a living, and haven’t heard of WordPress before, but ask me about what it would take for them to get their own website. Somewhere in and amongst all the Domain and DNS and Hosting details I say they should use WordPress for managing their site. They look at me and I can see them wondering “I’m looking for a site, not for a blog.” I tell them that WordPress is completely extensible, and can do just about anything their mind can think of…and best of all, it’s Free! That’s when they shut off, because they believe anything that’s free can’t be worth a dime — though they’re completely mistaken.

Tech King put together a great graphic below, that demonstrates that WordPress is a force to be respected. For those who don’t think WordPress is a big deal:

Infographic: The Power of WordPress