Adding TextMate 2 to your path

If you’re like me, you launch TextMate from terminal using the following:


…except I typically open the file/folder I want opened at the end of the command:

mate [folder/file here]

I’m just starting to use TextMate 2 more frequently and wanted to do the same for that.  All you need to do is link to your binary.  Do the following to accomplish that:

  1. To find where your binary for TextMate 2 is, I just opened up your TextMate 2 preferences, click the terminal icon at the top and find the location (screenshot).
  2. Create your symlink:
    sudo ln -s ~/bin/mate /usr/bin/mate2

    (replace ~/bin/mate with whatever the location was from Step 1.

Now you can type the following and open up whatever folder or file you want with the new hotness!

mate2 [folder/file here]

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