Fortune Cookie…for real?

I was treated to lunch by Crowd Favorite the other day and held on to the fortune cookie’s foretelling fortune reading:

Look with favor upon a bold beginning.

I’m branching out on my own as an Independent Web Developer starting next week!  I’ve named my new company after a nickname that I’ve had since I was a wee teen, and that I’d always wanted to start a business under — Bigdawggi Co.  Branching out on my own will allow me the opportunity to do some exciting projects that I’ve come across.

I’m definitely looking forward to and with favor on this exciting adventure (as my cookie told me to) but also will miss working as closely with the great team at Crowd Favorite (who’s hiring btw).

As I raise a health of ginger ale, I definitely thank Alex and the good people at Crowd Favorite for the great experiences and times we’ve had together!

Here’s to a “bold beginning”!