Just saved $54 per month switching from Sprint to Ting

So just a quick touch on my past month with Ting.  Their cell service has, as expected, been identical to Sprint’s but their customer service has been a real pleasure the few times I’ve needed to contact support (me switching phones a couple times — nothing wrong on their end).

The item I’m most pleased with is their dashboard and the ease with which I can see my current standing with regards to mins/texts/data usage.  The first couple weeks I had almost obsessively checked it to see if I was staying where I had estimated.  It turns out I had underestimated my minutes.  I had thought I would be on their cheapest tier ($3 for 100 mins) but I exceeded that which wasn’t a big deal; they simply bumped me up to the next tier $9/500 mins without fees or hassles, and they’ll automatically credit me if I don’t use that much this month!

Also with their free tethering & hotspot, I was able to use the hotspot a few times without having to remember to log onto Sprint’s site, or call their customer service to add it for a day, and then turn it back off b/c Sprint charges $19.99/mo for their 2GB hotspot “add-on”.

So where the $$ hits the road:

  • Sprint: ~$85 per month, with no hotspot, etc.
  • Ting: ~$31 with no-hassle hotspot when I needed it.

I have to say I couldn’t be happier about moving to to Ting! The one downside is the list of devices you can bring over. I had to switch my HTC EVO 4G LTE for a Samsung Galaxy S phone, since LTE devices can’t be brought over at the moment. UPDATE: See my latest post.

If you want to sign up for them, feel free to use my referral link: https://zdocstl202.ting.com/it’ll save you and me both at least $25 which isn’t a bad way to start off!

If you have questions about Ting, I like their Why Ting page or if you have questions about my experience with them, leave a comment!