Turn the Clock Back, Please

A old co-worker, and family friend just lost his wife and 5 year old son in one of 6 tornados that swept through Northwest Ohio last night, where we used to live. My friend is in critical condition, with severe head injuries and they’re not sure that he’ll survive.

Today has been a difficult and humbling day; a day to show extra appreciation to my own wife and daughters.

I’m grateful that my parents and cousin that live very close to where this happened are still alive.

I tell those who I’ve talked with that I’m keeping my friend in my prayers, but that I wish there was something more tangible that I could do to help. I wish I could turn the clock back. I’d do anything to have done something to stop this from happening. I wish I could…I wish I could…I wish I could…

Any and all thoughts and prayers on behalf of my friend and his surviving daughter would be appreciated.

Ann wrote something too: